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UVMC Announces Community Benefit Fund Grant Partnerships

10/12 Grants2Upper Valley Medical Center is partnering with three other health-related organizations in Miami County to help improve the health and well being of local residents.  The partnerships represent a total of $244,000 in community benefit grants recently awarded to Health Partners of Miami County, Hospice of Miami County and the Miami County Dental Clinic. 

“The UVMC Board of Directors is very pleased to be able to provide these grants which are made possible through the UVMC Community Benefit Fund,” said Rowan Nickol, M.D., chairman of the UVMC Board.  This Fund was established as part of UVMC’s mission to support local programs that help serve the health needs of the community.

“Upper Valley is committed to our responsibility as a good neighbor in the community we serve,” said Tom Parker, UVMC president and CEO.  “The three grant recipient organizations are critical to providing more access to important health care services for our local uninsured, underinsured and underserved population.”

“UVMC, along with all of Premier Health Partners, strives to support programs that improve the health status of our residents, improve and/or enhance the quality of life, and contribute to the mission of building a healthier community throughout the region,” Parker added.  

Health Partners of Miami County, founded in 1998, is the county’s only free health care clinic for the uninsured/underinsured. Health Partners will use an $80,000 grant for administrative and overhead costs, said Deb Miller, Health Partners executive director.

“Those dollars are some of the hardest to get from other sources. When UVMC made this grant available, we were thrilled,” Miller said. “It will allow us to focus more on providing health care for the uninsured residents and not have to work so hard on getting overhead dollars.”

For Hospice of Miami County, a $114,000 grant will allow for an upgrade of an Electronic Medical Record system for the organization that has provided care to the community since 1983.

“With the mandate of EMR through the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (2010), it is important that we upgrade our technology system to continue to serve our patients and their families with the highest level of care possible, and this includes documentation,” said Thomas J. Hagan, president of the Hospice of Miami County Board of Trustees.

10/12 Grants1“We are very grateful that Upper Valley Medical Center sees the need for Hospice of Miami County to continue to serve our patients with the highest end-of-life care and is able to provide significant funding through this Community Benefit Fund grant opportunity,” Hagan said. “Hospice of Miami County values our partnership with UVMC and is appreciative of this funding while continuing to work together to improve the quality of life for residents of Miami County and the surrounding area.”

The youngest organization awarded a grant was the Miami County Dental Clinic.  Founded in 2008, the clinic has seen more than 5,000 patients since its inception.  The dental clinic will use its $50,000 in funding for operating expenses, said Lytha Miller, DDS, chair of the Dental Clinic Board.

“Miami County Dental Clinic is pleased to partner with UVMC to improve community oral health. The monies received will be used for operation program expenses, enabling us to continue our mission to reach out to Miami County underserved children and adults,” Dr. Miller said “Many thanks to the Upper Valley Medical Center for their generosity to the community.”

For more information, contact: Health Partners of Miami County at 332-0894 / www.healthpartnersclinic.org Off Site Icon; Hospice of Miami County at 335-5191 / www.hospiceofmiamicounty.orgOff Site Icon; Miami County Dental Clinic at 339-8656; and www.UVMC at uvmc.com.

Content Updated: December 1, 2014

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