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UVMC Physician Office Building Expansion Opens

Expansion News Release

Expansion of the Upper Valley Medical Center physician office building was completed this week, adding 40,000-square-feet to UVMC’s west side.  Work on the $8 million building project was launched in summer 2012. 

The three-story addition creates much-needed on-site physician practice space, an enhanced environment for the UVMC sleep lab and expanded space for clinical education activities and hospital information technology. 

The new first and second floors of the expansion are similar to current physician office space and will be occupied by specialty physicians such as the UVMC general and orthopedic surgeons and other current and future practices.

“This space creates greater efficiencies for physicians who practice on-site at the hospital,” said Tom Parker, UVMC president and CEO.  “It provides valuable opportunities for us to recruit and retain highly qualified medical  ractitioners in important medical specialties, which helps us to best serve our community.”

The lower level of the new building space is home to the UVMC Sleep Lab, which is being relocated from another building on the UVMC campus.

“The new sleep lab space will provide a degree of privacy and quiet which is valuable to the sleep study process,” said Jim Hurak, UVMC Vice President. “It gave us the opportunity to fully design the space with the patient in mind, combining technology and the comforts of home for a quality sleep study to occur.”

The lower level also houses hospital information technology, the education and training department and additional conference and education space. 

Thanks to the generosity of the UVMC Foundation, the new space will include a new state-of-the art patient simulation program area for enhanced clinical education and training. 

“Patient simulation provides unique opportunities that challenge caregivers to critically think and process information in a setting closely resembling the real patient scenario,” said Jean Heath, UVMC director of cancer care, wellness and education.   “Improved learning and the ability to then apply the information in the patient care area results in better patient outcomes,” she noted. 

Also on the UVMC campus, demolition began last week on portions of the former Dettmer Hospital building.  The area undergoing demolition is located on the south end of the Dettmer structure and includes portions deemed too outdated for further use. 

Construction of the original Dettmer Hospital began over 60 years ago, with nine major expansions and renovations added through 1991.  Acute care hospital services were discontinued in the 1980s, and the building had been used primarily for non-acute care services and office space in subsequent years.   

UVMC Pastoral Care, Lifeline Services, EMS Education and Project Search will continue to be located in the remaining north portion of the Dettmer building.  The area being cleared on the south will be planted with grass and, with existing trees, will offer a park like environment.

Content Updated: December 1, 2014

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