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UVMC Recognizes Volunteers At Appreciation Luncheon


2013 Volunteer Appreciation
Tom Parker, UVMC President and CEO, talks with volunteer Carole Erhardt, left, and UVMC employee Brenda Laughman, right, at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

UVMC extended thanks to its volunteers during the National Volunteer Appreciation Week Luncheon on April 25.


During 2012 volunteers completed 25, 687 hours of service to UVMC.

Robin Fisher, Manager of Volunteer Services, said the UVMC family appreciates the volunteers’ hard work and dedication to the UVMC team and the mission it serves. 

“They are true assets to this organization and our team is better supported through all of their efforts,” Fisher said.

The UVMC volunteers are “individuals who every day understand what makes you a better person is giving to others,” said Tom Parker, UVMC President and CEO. “You bring a world of difference to patients’ lives.”

Among those honored were Olive Beanblossom with 21,500 hours;  Margaret Attenweiller, 13,500 hours; Betty Gerken, 12,000 hours; Mary Lou Fannin, 11,500 hours; Joyce Carpenter, 9,000 hours; Marion King, Doris Perry, Eleanor Sweigart, 8,500 hours; Norm Warner, 7,000 hours; Helen Curry, 6,500 hours; Dee Collins, Kathryn Mote, Kenneth Swartz, 6,000 hours; Marjorie Brown, 5,500 hours; Pat Jordan, Ann Sanders, 5,000 hours; Jacqueline Jenkins, 4,500 hours; Lew Brock, William Christie, Bob Jenkins, Mid Stone, Gail Turner, 4,000 hours.

Also earning recognition were: Kathleen Putnam, Annabelle Roth, Wade Leech, 3,500 hours; Henrietta Baden, Linda Bernard, Shirley Jamison, 3,000 hours; Janie Evans, Elaine Hausfield, Shirley Heffner, 2,500 hours; Ray Guillozet, Jane Hoover, 2,000 hours; Dorothy Friend, Margaret Guillozet, 1,500 hours; Carole Erhardt, Marleen Hemmelgarn, Carole Henderson, Carol Hensley, Andrea Machicao, 1,000 hours; Rosalind Boeke, Dick Feightner, Sue Friend, Diana Karod, Connie Korber, Linda Phillips, Dorathy Wettstone, 500 hours; Marcia Deeter, Kimberly Emmel, Janice Hamman, Charlene Lemerand, Rebekah Turnbull, 300 hours; and Harley Dunn, Judy Ferris, Chris Harrison, Martha Kuntz, Roger Kuntz, Joe Mains, Judy Pfister, Gerald Saffell, Sue Shields, David Shinabery, Katherine Smith, Patricia Wood, Janelle Zumberger, 100 hours.

Also recognized at the luncheon were the Project Search interns:  Jessica Dye, Michael Fletcher, Brian Gold, Luis Gonzalez-Resto, Breanna Harrison-Lee, Ashley Mullins, Ashley Shoffner, Taylor Stewart and Ashley Weber.


Content Updated: December 1, 2014

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