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March 2014 Employee of the Month

4/2014Elaine Bohman, UVMC’s Employee of the Month for March, has been described as the personification of the commitment to “every patient, every time.”

“Always kind, always caring, always engaging the patient and family members, she develops bonds and trust very quickly with her patients,” one of those nominating her wrote. “She is very empathetic and embraces their disease process and problems and works with them to alleviate them.”

Elaine joined the UVMC family in January 2003 as a support staff nurse on med/surg, telemetry units and cardiac and pulmonary rehab. She also assisted in teaching the nurse aide training program and CPR. 

In 2008, Elaine took a position in cardiac and pulmonary rehab as a staff nurse. She now is one of the lead nurses providing direct patient care, working with staff to meet department needs and collaborates with the other Premier hospitals to grow and develop cardiac and pulmonary services.

Nominators cited Elaine’s interactions with patients and coworkers. Among their examples were her willingness to overcome her own fears and go skydiving with a rehab patient and her detection of something wrong with a coworker and helping him to the ED, where treatment began for a stroke.

“I like every component of nursing, but I most appreciate having endless opportunities in bridging the gap between the inpatient hospital and outpatient hospital setting,” Elaine said. “I have cared for patients as an EMS squad member, during hospitalizations and on the pathway to wellness in rehabilitation. Watching the patient’s health progress through the levels of care is amazing.”

When she’s not at work, Elaine enjoys family, watching her young adult children finding their individual ways in the world and flower gardening.  With an interest in family history, she has written a book on her mother’s family and is working on one for her dad’s family.

Elaine is pursuing a master’s degree in nursing at Wright State University. She and her husband, Kurt, live in Versailles and have three children, Brian, Brittany and Kyle.

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Content Updated: November 20, 2014

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