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Physical Therapy

UVMC Physical Therapy provides treatment of neuromusculoskeletal, vestibular and orthopedic problems through the use of manual therapy, exercise, modalities, functional training, and patient education.

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants work with patients and their physicians to identify the most important factors in recovery.

Conditions Treated

Physical therapy evaluation and treatment programs assists patients with the following conditions and diseases:

Treatment Options 

  • Aquatic exercise
  • Assistive device assessment
  • Balance assessment and training
  • Brace fitting
  • Functional mobility training
  • Gait training
  • Kinesiotaping 
  • Manual therapy
  • Modalities/ultrasound/electrical stimulation
  • Neuromuscular re education 
  • Orthotic fabrication and fitting
  • Stair training
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Traction
  • Wheelchair management


Our facilities offer aquatic pools, as well as aerobic, strengthening, balance, and proprioceptive equipment. 


  • Bike fitting
  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • CSPT (Certified Sports Physical Therapist)
  • LSVT BIG (Lee Silverman Voice Technique) for Parkinson’s
  • Manual therapy
  • American Physical Therapy Association Level 1 Certification for Treatment of Pelvic Pain and Incontinence

For More Information

For more information, please call (937) 440-7400(937) 440-7400 or (937) 440-7355(937) 440-7355 or (937) 440-7355(937) 440-7355 or (937) 440-7152(937) 440-7152.

Preparing for Physical Therapy

Premier Health Library

The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about physical therapy. Learn about conditions, treatments, How to prepare for surgery, and much more.

Content Updated: July 13, 2016

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