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Surgical Services

Upper Valley Medical Center offers a full range of surgical care, including expertise in the latest minimally-invasive techniques.

Our scope of surgical services includes, but is not limited to:

General Surgery

General Surgery often includes a wide variety of procedures. Surgeries performed at Upper Valley Medical Center include:


Gynecological services offered at Upper Valley Medical Center include, but may not be limited to: 

  • Bladder suspension 
  • Co2 laser vaporization
  • Operative laparoscopy
  • Total abdominal hysterectomy 
  • Vaginal hysterectomy 

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Upper Valley Medical Center offers a variety of urology procedures including: 

Endoscopic procedures are performed for the:

Upper Valley Medical Center also provides quality minimally-invasive procedures and offers lithotripsy (a procedure that uses shock waves) for kidney stone management patients twice a month.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Ear, nose, and throat procedures include a variety of surgeries. Surgeries performed at Upper Valley Medical Center include:

Eye Surgery

Upper Valley Medical Center offers patient oriented care in ophthalmology procedures. Procedures we offer include:

Orthopedics and Podiatry

The Upper Valley Medical Center orthopedic surgery team combines the expertise of physicians and clinical professionals to offer a comprehensive range of surgery treatments including procedures for:

  • Hips and knees
  • Feet and ankles
  • Joints and muscles
  • Shoulders, hands, and arms

Orthopedic surgical procedures our experienced physicians perform at Upper Valley Medical Center include:

Total Joints

Open Procedures

Podiatry Procedures

  • Bunionectomy
  • Hammertoe
  • Osteotomy of foot
  • Triple athrodesis


  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Repair of the ACL
  • Shoulder

Fracture Fixation

  • External Fixation
  • Intramedullary nail
    • Femur
    • Hip fixation nail
    • Humerus
    • Tibia
  • Open
    • Ankle
    • Compression hip
    • Femur
    • Finger
    • Foot
    • Hip hemiarthroplasty
    • Humerus
    • Patella
    • Radius/ulna
    • Shoulder hemiarthroplasty
    • Tibia/fibula
    • Wrist

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Vascular and Thoracic Surgery

Our surgeons and skilled staff provide a variety of catheterization and surgical procedures related to vascular disease (conditions of the veins and arteries), the lungs, and the chest. 

Procedures we offer at Upper Valley Medical Center are:

Learn More about Cardiology and Vascular Services

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures performed at Upper Valley Medical Center are:

Learn About Surgery 

Premier Health Library

The Premier Health Library offers a wealth of information about surgery. Learn about conditions, treatments, how to prepare for surgery, and much more.

Content Updated: July 23, 2015

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