Our Nursing Staff

The Division of Nursing at Upper Valley Medical Center is dedicated to providing care in a patient-centered environment with particular emphasis on the unique physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of each individual. Nursing staff are committed to providing well-coordinated, collaborative care that is safe, timely and effective. We respect the patient’s dignity and strive to help individuals realize their potential for self-care and independence.  We honor the patient’s and family’s right to privacy and confidentiality.  

In collaboration with Physicians and the multidisciplinary healthcare team, UVMC Nursing fosters relationships that promote effective communication and teamwork to strengthen patient care and facilitate smooth transitions. We promote excellence across the continuum through definitive, system-wide continuous quality improvement activities. The effectiveness of the interdisciplinary team approach is considered a critical element in achieving optimum levels of quality care and efficiency.

Nursing at UVMC is dedicated to excellence through continuing education and research/evidence-based practice. We strive for enhancement of nursing practice and quality patient care, and hold ourselves accountable to grow professionally through achievement of ongoing education and certification. In addition, education of the patient/family regarding their health status, care requirements and planned interventions are considered critical to quality outcomes and patient satisfaction.  

As stewards of the financial resources of patients/payers, and in support of the UVMC mission and the communities we serve, each member of Nursing is responsible for efficient and prudent management of physical, financial and human resources. We strive to maintain an environment that promotes the recruitment and retention of exceptional, quality-oriented professionals for our organization to provide the highest quality and compassionate care to our patients.

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