Comprehensive Hyperglycemia/Diabetes Management Coming Soon!

Beginning March 5, 2014, three new evidence based order sets will be released to assist you to manage hyperglycemia in a more comprehensive approach. This will be a system approach that was developed by the Diabetes Innovate Team that had physician stakeholders from around the system.

These order sets are:

  • Subcutaneous Insulin Algorithm
  • Non DKA Insulin Drip
  • Hypoglycemia Protocol

The Subcutaneous Insulin Algorithm will enable you to prescribe subcutaneous insulin using basal, mealtime, and correction dosing within one order set. This approach is well known to be best practice for managing hyperglycemia. Once these three order sets are released, any current order sets (including sliding scale) in use will be retired to eliminate any possibility for confusion. In addition, there will be both written and in person resources available for any concerns you may have.

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