WSJ Articles on Hospital Costs

The Wall Street Journal is carrying a series of articles that address the soaring costs of the nation’s health care system.

In " How To Bring The Price Of Health Care Into The Open,Off Site Icon" the Wall Street Journal investigates the initiative into the transparency of prices, including the notion of informing patients about the costs of various treatments, prior to deciding upon course of treatment.

In “ Searching for the True Cost of Health Care,Off Site Icon” the Wall Street Journal investigates increasing cost transparency by account-for-costs by breaking down treatment into incremental stages.

In “ Hospitals Have New Tool To Save Money,Off Site Icon” the Wall Street Journal initiates a conversation into the “waste index,” a system that assists providers in the elimination of waste in common treatments, by collecting data about efficiency from a large consortium of hospitals.

In “ How Health-Care Spending Got So High,Off Site Icon” the Wall Street Journal investigates onset of the issue.

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