Follow-Up with Provider Function Changes

The functionality in Order Sets is changing. Currently, the Discharge Order Sets include one or more orders named “Follow-Up with...”

For physicians who have defaulted information into the current order titled “Follow-Up with...” the current order will be removed from the Order Sets.

The new order, named “Follow-Up Provider,” will carry over to the Follow-Up section of the Discharge navigator, and it will also carry over to the After Visit Summary (AVS).

Follow up image 1

Additionally, the provider whose name is entered will receive a transition of care (AKA “continuity of care”) document with information about the patient’s hospitalization. If the provider has Epic or another electronic health record (EHR), s/he will receive the document electronically. If the provider does not have an EHR, the document will be faxed. If the provider has neither an EHR nor a fax, the notification will be redirected to an HIM Pool, who will then mail the document to the receiving physician’s office.

There will be a new section in the Discharge Planning navigator named “Patient Instructions,” which will allow free text instructions to be entered; Patient Instructions will be a SmartTool enabled text area, and the content will carry over to the After Visit Summary.

Follow up image 2

To enter an additional Follow-Up Provider, click the “New +” button. Clinics and other departments are available, for example:

Follow up image 3

To select the patient’s Primary Care Physician, click the “PCP+” button.

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