Changes in Epic

The following changes to Epic recently went into effect.

  • Please post the attached documents in Medical Staff work areas
  1. Order Set Changes
    System Duramorph (067 Series)

  2. Medical Staff Note Types
    Medical Staff will no longer be able to create note types that are designated for non-medical staff. For example, Progress Note (1) will not be available as a choice for medical staff. Physicians, residents, and licensed independent practitioners must use the note type “Medical Staff Progress Note” (enter “me” or “prog” in the Note Type field or use the Search function) for daily progress notes.

  3. Implant Navigator
    For Patient Safety and a Standard place to review implant information when a patient is scheduled for an MRI it is important to have implant history from the patient. Nursing and MRI Technicians obtain/confirm any implant history and completing the MRI Questionnaire.

    With this go live, clinicians (including medical staff) will have the ability to enter implant information.

If you have questions, contact Robin J. Coale, Technical Education & Support.

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