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Maternity Care

Maternity Care at Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC) combines medical technology with the comforts of home. We treat our patients with compassion, kindness, and understanding during this special time. The following maternity care services are offered at UVMC:

Comfortable Birthing Suites

At UVMC, we specifically designed our birthing suites so that you can receive care for labor, delivery, and recovery, all in the same private, spacious room. These modern medical suites provide an attractive, home-like setting and ensure the comfort, privacy, and security of each patient.

The sophisticated equipment in our suites is adjustable, so we are able to adapt to each phase of your labor and delivery. Wooden headwalls hide equipment necessary for a potential obstetric or newborn emergency. We also have a special surgical suite for mothers who deliver by Cesarean section.

All patient rooms include the necessities for dad or a support person to stay. Each room is equipped with a TV, DVD player, and telephone.

UVMC also offers televised educational programming. A variety of childcare and motherhood programs give you an excellent opportunity to learn while you are with us.

Once your baby arrives, board certified physicians are available to care for your infant if needed.

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Newborn Care

Our spacious birthing suites allow your family to remain together following delivery of your newborn.

Nursing care is provided in-room. Our highly-trained maternity staff supports mothers and babies through all phases of labor, delivery, recovery, and the postpartum period.

Throughout your stay, your baby can remain in your room for as long as you wish. Our rooming-in program allows your nurse to care for you while helping you feel comfortable and secure with your newborn. We encourage dads and siblings to visit as much as they like.

We want your childbirth experience to be as memorable and positive as possible. For your convenience, our Nursery is always open. And we are more than happy to take care of your little one while you rest.

Learn about Kangaroo Care.

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Special Care Nursery

In addition to our Nursery, UVMC has a Level II Nursery for babies who experience problems immediately after birth.

Our infant care team is trained to deal with unexpected outcomes and to implement specialized care when needed.

This special nursery gives expectant parents an extra level of assurance. The Level II Nursery is always open. Parents may visit their baby anytime, day or night.

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Private Postpartum Suites

After your baby is born, you will move from the birthing suite to a quiet, spacious room in our postpartum wing. Here, you’ll experience a fresh, comfortable bed, a private shower, modern furnishings, wooden cribs, and access to our nutrition center. Moms enjoy and appreciate this calm setting as they prepare to go home.

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Comfort, Support, and Security

We design your stay for convenience and security from the moment you arrive. Mothers in labor come directly to the Maternity unit through a separate Maternity Entrance on the west side of the hospital.

Your nurse is available at all times to observe your progress and answer questions. We encourage your husband or support person to stay with you and participate in the labor and delivery experience.

Immediately following delivery, we apply matching ID bands to you, your baby, and husband/support person. The ID bands assure proper identification of your family at all times.

Our professionals have the expertise to care for the needs of both you and your baby throughout the entire birth and post-delivery period. We also work closely with Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) and Children's Medical Center (CMC) for our high-risk patients and special-needs babies.

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Nutrition Services

While your new baby is your first priority, it is important for you to take care of yourself, too. Our Nutrition Services staff provides delicious, well-balanced meals during your stay. Following assessment of your individual dietary needs, a licensed dietitian may be consulted.

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Social Services and Pastoral Care

We recognize that along with the joy of a newborn, parents also may experience concerns and anxiety. Our Social Services professionals are available to assist with personal, family, or financial stresses and issues.

The Pastoral Care staff is available to help meet the spiritual needs of patients and families. Staff members are trained to help calm anxieties or may simply participate in celebrating the joys of a new life.

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Additional Services

Each baby, mother, and family is unique. Whether you're first-time parents or welcoming another addition to your family, Women’s Services at UVMC offers a variety of services. These services help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and a special, memorable birthing experience.

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Educational Programs

Having a baby is an exciting time for parents and the family.  Our birth and family education program gives families knowledge of the process of labor and birth as well as infant and family care.  Taught by registered nurses certified in childbirth education, the following classes have been designed especially with you in mind.  Class prices are subject to change.  All prices include a support person, unless otherwise indicated.

Visit our calendar to register for childbirth classes, or call (937) 208-BABY.  Registration is required for all classes and tours.

Childbirth Preparation Series

Know what to expect during labor and birth. This comprehensive class focuses on in-depth preparation for the
birth experience. The focus is on learning comfort measures, relaxation, labor support, breathing techniques as well as what medication options are available for labor and birth. Topics also include: c-section, epidurals, and mother/baby care immediately after delivery. A great way to make the transition to becoming a family! A free tour of the facility is included.

The Childbirth Preparation series is held on the same week day for 4 weeks.

Fee: $60

Weekend Blitz Condensed Childbirth Class

Know what to expect during labor and birth. This six hour weekend class is a condensed course that focuses on what you should know for the birth experience. Topics include labor support and comfort measures, medication options, c-section, epidurals, and more. A great way to refresh if you're an experienced pro or get the basic knowledge you need in a time crunch. Due to time constraints, bringing your lunch is strongly encouraged. A free tour of the facility can be scheduled on a different day.

Fee: $60

Breastfeeding Success

Learn the art and science of providing the perfect nutrition for your baby before baby's arrival. Emphasis is on strategies to promote successful breastfeeding. Topics include: how to avoid common breastfeeding issues, dispelling breastfeeding myths and tips on ensuring an adequate milk supply. Basic information about returning to work and pumping is also discussed. Male or female support persons are very welcome.

Fee: $30

Caring for Your Amazing Newborn

Babies don't come with directions, but this class gives new parents the how to's of basic infant care and parenting skills for navigating the first weeks and months of new parenting! First time parents are encouraged to attend. Content includes tips and tricks for feeding, diapering and bathing; basic CPR and choking instructions for infants (note: this is not a certification class); details on infant safety and childproofing your home; information regarding cloth diapers, environmentally safe baby care product and cleaners; and lots more! Other caregivers are welcome to attend (grandparents, adoptive parents, etc.). Feel free to bring bottled water or snacks. For weekend participants, a brown bag lunch is encouraged.

This class is held as a 2-week series or a one-day weekend.

Fee: $40

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Class

This class provides information that helps your child to explore their role in their expanding family. Learn simple age appropriate infant care techniques and participate in insightful DVD and group discussion. A tour of where mother and baby stays is included. Content is appropriate for ages 4–10, older siblings are welcome. Siblings are encouraged to bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal. If desiring sibling present at delivery/birth, please call.

Fee: $10.00 for 1st child, $5 for each additional

Birthing & Mother/Baby Room Tour

This brief walking tour will orient you to the beautiful birthing and mother/baby rooms. It will also give you some basic information about what to expect when you deliver at our campus. Expectant mothers are encouraged to bring one support person. Children are not permitted on these tours.


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Deciding how and what to feed your baby is an important decision. Mothers who choose to breastfeed often have many questions and concerns, especially during the initial stages. Our knowledgeable staff can offer guidance and support. We also have information and can provide instruction to help you start breastfeeding.
Our certified Lactation Consultant offers instruction and continuing support to help you through the first months of breastfeeding. We can arrange consultations on an individual basis before or after your baby’s birth.

You may speak with a certified lactation consultant while you are in the hospital. Once you go home, feel free to call our Women's & Children's Services Department with questions.  Learn more about breastfeeding and share your experiences with other new mothers at our breastfeeding moms support group.

We can assist you in dealing with such areas of concern as:

  • Sore nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Milk supply
  • Slow weight gain
  • Nursing multiple babies
  • Colicky, nursing strike
  • Plugged duct/mastitis
  • Prematurity
  • Ill mother/baby
  • Fussy, reluctant nurser
  • Jaundice
  • Biting
  • Relactation-induced lactation (adoptive nursing)
  • Traveling and nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Thrush
  • Working and breastfeeding

We can also offer advice and assistance in selecting breastfeeding aids such as breast pumps, nursing pads, and special needs equipment.

Breastfeeding is the natural way for mothers to feed their babies. No formula can duplicate the ratio of nutrients or build the immune system as well as breast milk.

Breastfeeding is a personal choice. We want you to be comfortable with it. Through classes and individual consultations with a lactation consultant, we can help you succeed and enjoy this time with your baby.

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Medical Imaging Tests during Pregnancy

We want you and your baby to be healthy. With this in mind, make sure you talk to your doctor if he or she has decided that you need a medical imaging test that uses radiation. Your doctor can tell you why he or she believes you need the test and the risks to your unborn child. This handout may help you decide if you want to have the imaging test done.

What medical imaging tests use radiation?

A plain x-ray is a medical imaging test that uses radiation to make pictures of your body, such as a chest x-ray. A computed tomography scan also called a CT Scan is another type of test that uses radiation to make pictures of your body. Radiation cannot be seen, it is invisible.

Do all imaging tests use the same amount of radiation?

No. There are many types of imaging tests and each use different amounts of radiation. Plain x-rays use very small amounts of radiation. CT scans use more radiation depending on the type of CT scan.

How much radiation will I receive?

How much radiation you and your baby come in contact with or take into your bodies depend on the type of imaging test you are given which is measured in milliards.

Your body takes in or absorbs natural and manmade radiation. During your pregnancy,  your baby may absorb about 200 millirads.

Here are examples of how much radiation is used in medical imaging tests that your baby could be exposed to:

  • High — one CT scan of the abdomen (belly) is about 2,600 millirads.
  • Medium — one CT scan of the chest is about 100 millirads.
  • Low — one Chest x-ray is about one milliard or the same amount of radiation as 3 hours of sunshine.
  • Very Low — one Dental x-ray is about 0.1 millirad or 1/10 of a milliard.

Other things to think about

In general, your baby is at most risk from the effects of radiation from the 4th week (1 month) to the 16th week (4 months) of pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor or a radiation physicist if you are worried about your baby having any health problems from the radiation used in the imaging test.

A radiation physicist measures how much radiation a patient receives from tests or treatments that use radiation. Your doctor and the radiation physicist can tell you how much radiation your baby could receive from any imaging tests you may be given.

Medical imaging tests that use radiation do not increase the overall number of babies born with birth defects. Even if you and your baby do not have any imaging tests with radiation, there is still a chance your baby will have a birth defect because 4 to 6 babies out of every 100 are born with some type of birth defect.

Safety steps that will be taken during your medical imaging test

The technologist will place a lead shield over your belly. In most cases, he or she will keep the imaging test aimed only at the area where your body is being tested.

A lead shield helps to block the radiation to those areas it is covering. This will reduce the amount of radiation to your unborn child.

Other steps include having an ultrasound or a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test. Ultrasounds and MRIs are imaging tests that do not use radiation. These other types of imaging tests are used when possible, but sometimes an imaging test using radiation is your doctor’s best choice to treat you.

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Online Nursery

Courtesy of the Bella Baby Company, loved ones may immediately see the first photos of your baby via our Online Nursery.

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As part of our family-centered approach, visitation from loved ones is encouraged during your stay. Our visiting hours are liberal. We provide a large, comfortable waiting area for family and friends.

We ask all visitors to come and go via the Maternity entrance. This entrance is located at the southwest end of the hospital.

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