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About Kidney Failure

When Kidney Function Is Lost

Kidney failure can be acute or chronic. Acute kidney failure (which may be a temporary condition) can be caused by accidents, surgery, blockage of the kidney or bladder, or serious infections.

Chronic kidney failure—a long-term condition—occurs when both kidneys cease to function normally. Chronic kidney failure can be caused by:

  • hereditary diseases that slowly destroy kidney function
  • an inflammation of the parts that normally allow the kidneys to remove waste and fluids from the blood
  • damage from diabetes, heart disease, drug abuse, or high blood pressure
  • kidney infections
  • kidney stones
  • a defect that has been present from birth

We understand that patients who have recently lost kidney function may be confused by the different options for therapy, and the many new terms they need to learn.
For this reason, we provide extensive educational opportunities. We encourage you and your family to choose the kind of therapy that best meets your needs and to be actively involved in the planning and implementation of care.   

Learn more at the National Kidney FoundationOff Site Icon.

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