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Patient Simulator Lab Opens at Edison Community College

Edison Nursing Image 1The Human Patient Simulator lab at Edison Community College that recently opened is a unique classroom for the school’s nursing students. Located in North Hall, the lab is set up with a patient – in this case a life-sized computer-based patient simulator – that can be "simulated" to have a variety of actual symptoms and medical conditions. Guest instructor Sarah Jones, RN, MS, exemplified, "The patient can be utilized to re-create abnormal heart tones, breath sounds, pulse rates, bowel sounds, etc. The simulator allows students to learn to observe, assess and identify abnormal and potentially life-threatening situations."Edison Nursing Image 2
Instructor Ken Knapke, RN, MS, concurred. "The Human Patient Simulators have generated much excitement among the nursing faculty. They allow us to provide learning experiences where students can practice nursing and critical clinical decision making skills in challenging patient care scenarios all in real time. A unique aspect is that students can repeatedly practice nursing skills where learning is safe. These lab experiences also help the student practice skills related to interdisciplinary team dynamics. For example, calling the physician to report patient changes and receive changes in the medical plan of care."