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Lifeline Personal Response

Lifeline Personal Response is an easy-to-use emergency response service offered through the Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC) Auxiliary. Lifeline is recommended for anyone, especially the elderly and disabled, who lives alone and may need help at any time. Lifeline ensures its subscribers quick assistance whenever it is needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
A Lifeline home unit is connected to a subscriber's telephone which, in turn, is linked to the Lifeline monitoring station. To signal the Lifeline station that help is needed, the subscriber, wearing a Personal Help Button pendant or wristband, presses the Help Button, thereby transmitting a signal to the Lifeline station. Within seconds a certified, trained Lifeline monitor professional responds through the unit's speaker to see what assistance is needed.  

The monitor's computer has instant access to the subscriber's personal profile and health history. The monitor immediately assesses the subscriber's situation and summons appropriate help, whether it is a neighbor, relative or ambulance. If the subscriber is unable to respond when the monitor calls, the monitor contacts the subscriber's designated responders, usually family or neighbor, to investigate. Emergency service (911) is called if required.
Lifeline Personal Response, a service sponsored by the UVMC Auxiliary, costs a little more than a dollar a day. After an initial minimal installation charge, a low monthly charge helps defray the cost of equipment. Subscribers are not required to buy any equipment or make a long-term commitment.

Contact Lifeline Personal Response

UVMC Lifeline Personal Response
3130 N. County Rd. 25-A
Troy, OH 45373

(937) 440-7790