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UVMC Volunteers Honored

During the year 2007, UVMC’s volunteers completed 33,925 hours of service. Contributing to this achievement were the 87 volunteers honored on April 24 during the UVMC Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Each had achieved a new milestone in his/her cumulative hours of service.
This included Olive Beanblossom for 17,500 hours; Catherine Bohm, 16,000; Juanita Petry, 13,000; Margaret Attenweiler, 11,000; Jean Burner and Betty Gerken, 9,500; Sara Wiegman, 9,000; Joyce Carpenter, 7,500; Marion King, 7,000; and Edith Edsall, Jean Hirsch and Doris Perry, 6,500 hours.
Also earning recognition were Helen Curry and Norm Warner, for 5,000 hours; Vera Jenkins, 4,500; Kenneth Schwartz, 4,000; Dee Collins, James Hunt, Lynn Jenkins, Pat Jordan, Gwen Manning and Kathryn Mote, 3,500; George Anderson, Luther Baden, Marjorie Brown, Jacqueline Jenkins, Libby McCabe, Ann Sanders and Gail Turner, 3,000; and William Christie, Robert Jenkins, Wavelene Kessler and Marcia LeClerc, 2,500 hours.
Nine volunteers were recognized for completion of 2,000 hours of service to UVMC; nine for 1,500 hours; five for 1,000; 13 for 500; seven for 300; and 11 for 100 hours.
Volunteers ImageFor their volunteer services, students Sara Brooks, Jamie Campbell, Marlene Farley, Erik Hunt, Erica Gross, Crystal Miller and Megan Nicholl were awarded a Community Service Certificate. Olive Beanblossom (center) was recognized for 17,500 hours of service, the most hours contributed by a UVMC volunteer. She has been a volunteer for 21 years. Catherine Bohm (right), 16,000 hours, became a volunteer in 1984. During her 23 years as a volunteer, Juanita Petry (left) has completed 13,000 hours of volunteer service.