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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Anyone who has experienced a heart attack or cardiac disease knows how devastating the effects of these conditions can be. But such a setback doesn’t have to be permanent.

With the help of the Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC) Cardiac Rehabilitation program, more and more cardiac patients are returning to healthy, active lifestyles. The assistance of highly trained staff and a wide variety of equipment ensures safe, steady progress as program participants take an active role in improving cardiac function.

UVMC Cardiac Rehabilitation combines safe, carefully monitored exercise, education and counseling in a program tailored to the needs of the individual. The program is designed for those who have experienced cardiac disease, heart attack, angioplasty, pacemaker or ICD insertion, or open-heart surgery. Those who also have diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, obesity, or a chronic pulmonary disease can achieve an improved level of health and fitness through this specialized program. 

Our Mission

UVMC Cardiac Rehabilitation provides comprehensive, long-term services involving assessment, prescribed exercise, cardiac risk factor modification, education, counseling and behavioral interventions for patients with cardiac disease. In providing valuable secondary prevention strategies for these patients, the program helps to extend overall survival, improve quality of life, and decrease the need for interventional procedures. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation team is committed to:

  • Providing the highest quality of rehabilitative services in a positive, caring environment.
  • Assisting and educating patients and family members to develop heart-healthy lifestyles.
  • Complying with professional and regulatory guidelines and ethical standards. 

Individualized Care

Our professionals are committed to treating each patient as a unique individual with special needs and concerns. The treatment plan is developed after a comprehensive patient assessment with a registered nurse in which goals are established and the necessary modifications are determined. Family members are welcome at anytime, especially to attend the series of weekly classes.

Outpatient Monitored, Supervised Program

Our supervised program (Phase II cardiac rehab) is designed to assist patients with a gradual return to normal daily activities and eventual return to work. Patients are referred to us by their primary care physician or cardiologist. Usual program length is 6-12 weeks, 3 days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday). 

  • Supervised, monitored exercise sessions are progressed according to the patient’s exercise tolerance.
  • Education is provided in eight weekly classes related to coronary artery disease and its risk factors.
  • Individualized counseling is offered regarding smoking cessation, weight loss, diabetes management, stress reduction, and return to work issues.

Continuing Maintenance Program

Our continuing maintenance program (Phase III cardiac rehab) is offered to all patients who have completed Phase II. Patients demonstrate the ability to self-regulate their exercise routine and are responsible to monitor their own heart rate. Staff members are available to assess vital signs and cardiac rhythm, answer questions and address concerns. This program is indefinite in length. Phase III participants enjoy a sense of well-being and control as they maintain a commitment to cardiovascular fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

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The Cardiac Rehab Team

Our patients are secure in the knowledge that cardiac care professionals are always available to answer questions, monitor progress, and ensure safety as they work together to build cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular fitness.
Our team is under the direction of a Medical Director and includes:

  • Registered Nurses certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Clinical Dietitian
  • Diabetes Nurse Educator
  • Chaplain
  • Pharmacist


The UVMC Cardiac Rehabilitation program is certified through the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Further information is available by contacting the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at (937) 440-4675.

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