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About Surgery

At UVMC, our highly skilled physicians provide a broad range of surgery specialties. Our surgery department is comprised of five fully-equipped surgical suites and one fully-integrated suite.

Surgery can be used to:

  • Diagnose a condition
  • Treat an illness or injury
  • Manage pain

The surgeons at UVMC perform the following types of surgery:

  • Traditional open surgery - uses large incisions
  • Minimally invasive techniques - uses small incisions
    • Endoscopic - uses a flexible tube with a small camera on the end of it
    • Laparoscopic - uses small incisions in the abdominal wall
  • Robotic Surgery 

Our highly trained surgical staff members are certified and have years of experience caring for patients who require surgery. The expert surgical staff at UVMC provides compassionate care and clear communications for you and your family members.

Learn about UVMC Surgical Procedures and Services.