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Dr. Chris Grove, surgeon with Miami County Surgeons, devotes service to the Boy Scouts of America

Dr. Grove
Dr. Chris Grove, left, of Troy discusses logistics during the National Scout Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America. Grove, a surgeon with Miami County Surgeons, says scouting offers life-long opportunities.

For most people spending more than two weeks sleeping in a tent in the summer heat with thousands of young men to keep an eye on doesn’t sound like much fun.

For Dr. Chris Grove, a Troy resident and surgeon with Miami County Surgeons, spending July 19 through Aug. 4 at the National Scout Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America was a thrill.

A Piqua native, Dr. Grove grew up in scouting and is an Eagle Scout. Between high school and college, he worked at the Woodland Trails Boy Scouts Camp in Camden, returning five more summers between years in college and medical school.

Today, he is very involved with the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society. He serves as region chairman for the Order of the Arrow, covering a 14-state area, and serves on the National Order of the Arrow Committee.

As a region chairman, he works as an adviser with one of six nationally elected youth officers for the Order of the Arrow. He and the current officer from Chicago are responsible for providing three national leadership seminars and two national lodge adviser training seminars and promoting national events.

“We are there to support the local lodges,” Dr. Grove said. “It is probably the most rewarding job I’ve ever had in scouting. I get to work with one of the top six kids in the nation. It is just absolutely incredible.”

In his fourth year as region chairman, Dr. Grove said a new “chief” is elected to work with him yearly.

“They become part of the family. They all know my wife and kids. They are welcome any time,” he said.

The Jamboree was held at Fort A.P. Hill, Va. Approximately 47,500 people were on hand for this year’s special observance of the 100th anniversary of Scouting.

Dr. Grove’s responsibility was serving as co-adviser for the Order of the Arrow Service Corps., made up of 161 kids and 18 adults. He and the boys slept  in Army tents during the 2 ½ week event- when temperatures “cooled off” at night to 80 degrees - during which he was charged with watching over the boys and providing answers to any questions they might have had.

During the Jamboree, the service corps performed 11,196 hours of service in 39 projects. Among the projects were helping set up for the Jamboree, assembling 600 bikes, setting water out for opening and closing shows. For the opening, 180,000 bottles were distributed; 450,000 for the closing show. They also were responsible for ushering 100,000 people in and out of the Jamboree arena.

The Jamboree was work, but it was fun, Dr. Grove said. He has attended five Jamborees, the first as a youth in 1985. He served on the medical staff at two others and was medical director for the Order of the Arrow at another before this year working with the Service Corps.

“It was neat to be able to do something that wasn’t something I do every day of my life. I love being a doctor, but it’s nice to be something else,” he said.

Dr. Grove said it was tough to leave his wife, Becky, and children, Abby, 3, and Ben, 8 months, during the Jamboree.

“The kids (at the Jamboree) are the reward. They make it where it is so worthwhile,” he said. “I missed the family, but seeing this group of kids come from all over the nation, coming together, form a team, perform all this service and not complain about it, it is just incredible.”

For more information on Scouting call the Miami Valley Council Boy Scout office  at (937) 278-4825 or visit www.mvcbsa.comOff Site Icon 

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