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UVMC Employee’s Lifesaving Skills Pay Off

Life saving skills press releaseWhen she happened upon an unresponsive child at a local daycare recently, Kerri Shade’s lifesaving skills training kicked into gear.

“I just did what I was taught to do,” said Kerri, a CT technologist in UVMC Imaging. Learning that the 19-month-old was not breathing or responding and might be choking, Kerri tried the Heimlich maneuver and was prepared to start CPR when the child started breathing as she turned her. Local paramedics arrived and transported the child to UVMC. Because of her work experience, Kerri was able to explain to the father what he could expect when he and his child arrived at the ED.

A Pleasant Hill resident, Kerri attended EMT training and helped for a time on the local emergency squad. She completed a CPR refresher course in November and commented, “I think it helped. I felt pretty confident.”

After she left the daycare, “I thought, ‘Did that really happen?’ It was a good feeling, knowing the child was OK,” she smiled.

Thanks, Kerri, for extending the Caring Plus attitude and your lifesaving training beyond the doors of UVMC!