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Park District Videos Go Along For the Walk


Park District Videos
From left, Roy Baker, Jean Heath, Tom Persing, Elaine Bohman and John Virgint discuss the Miami County Park District walk in a park video series. The videos are being used in the UVMC Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program.

Roy Baker thought a walk in a Miami County park could add something to a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patient’s time on a treadmill. His concept of a relaxing virtual walk though a park has become reality with production of seasonal trail walks DVDs with fellow volunteer Tom Persing.

The men, both participants in the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program at Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC), are teaming with Miami County Park District’s Amanda Smith, marketing administrator, and John Virgint, volunteer coordinator, on the DVDs project.

“I stick it in the player when I am here and walk a little longer,” Troy resident Baker said of a summer trail walk shot at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary. “When people have something to look at, they walk beyond their time limit.”

Baker said he films the walks, and then turns the films over to Tipp City resident Persing for the technical aspects of production including editing and making copies.

“I thought it was a good idea. I enjoy doing photography, editing, production,” said Persing, who also does some filming and has volunteered for photography and related tasks for the park district for more than a decade.

Plans are to make DVDs at various parks during all four seasons with a variety of musical backgrounds for use in the exercise area of the Cardiopulmonary Rehab unit. Hopes are also to use them in stress management programs, said Elaine Bohman, RN-BC, BSN, CTTS, at the UVMC Cardiopulmonary Rehab Unit.

“Stress management is part of fighting disease and maintaining optimal health. These videos help provide a stress free environment for the patients,” Bohman said.

“I think it is a real positive,” said Jean Heath, RN, BSN, MA, OCN, director of the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department. “It gives the patients something to look at while they are walking on the treadmill and it is something for our community.”

Baker said he sees the videos as a way to take the county’s parks to people. Virgint agreed. “We hope that people who take a virtual walk through one of the parks will then take an actual walk in the same location as a result of being introduced to such a beautiful setting as the Garbry Sanctuary boardwalk,” he said.

The DVDs also are being used at the Miami County YMCAs.

“This is a way for us to offer a health and wellness resource to interested organizations,” Virgint said.

For more information on UVMC Cardiopulmonary Rehab visit or call (937) 440-4675.  For more information on Miami County parks visit Off Site Icon or call (937) 335-6273.

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