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Stress Management Specialist Recommends Humor At Go Red For Women/North Expo


2011 Go Red

Kay Frances, stress management specialist, says laughter truly is good medicine.

If women want to feel better, they need to lighten up a bit and get a handle on the stress that surrounds them, Kay Frances, MBA, told those attending the second annual Go Red for Women/North Expo held Sept. 17 at Edison Community College in Piqua.

Among the best medicines for stress are humor and laughter, said Frances, a former stand up comic turned stress management specialist.

One of the biggest causes of stress is other people, she said, adding, “We can’t control what other people say and do, but we can control our reaction.”

To accommodate that need, people should adopt “the art of laughing inside … have an inner oasis,” Frances said.

A positive outlook also is important as optimism can contribute to a stronger immune system, better heart health and decreased risk of stroke, Frances said, referring to findings reported by the American Heart Association (AHA).

Although women are notorious for taking care of those around them, they have to realize it’s vital to take care of themselves first. “You can’t work from an empty vessel,” she said.

A Wilmington resident, Frances said she became a health and wellness advocate after years of less than healthy living. What she found, she said, is “It comes down to what mamma told us: exercise, drink water, eat right and sleep.”

Presented by Upper Valley Medical Center, the AHA Go Red for Women/North Expo featured free health screenings, fitness and nutrition counseling, wellness-oriented exhibits, heart healthy refreshments; fun/relaxation booths featuring makeup/fashion and activities such as chair, hand and arm massages and more. Over 300 free health tests/screenings and counseling’s were provided. 

Other primary sponsors included Macy’s, Merck, Edison Community College, Miami Jacobs Career College, Wilson Memorial Hospital, Troy Daily News, Piqua Daily Call and Sidney Daily News.