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Dialysis Testimonial - Maynard Watkins of Tipp City


Maynard Watkins
Maynard Watkins of Tipp City is assisted by Meisha Kreinbrink at the UVMC Dialysis Center.

When Maynard Watkins heads into the UVMC Dialysis Center three mornings a week, he believes he is in good hands.

A diabetic diagnosed in 1985, Watkins has had more than 700 dialysis treatments since starting on dialysis five years ago in December.

He visits the center on the grounds of Upper Valley Medical Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. There, he’s connected to the dialysis machine for three hours and 45 minutes each visit. While the machine cleanses his blood, Watkins can watch TV, read a book or take a nap.

“A lot of times I just take a nap,” he said.

Although the options for some on dialysis include home treatment, Watkins said he is more comfortable coming to the center from his home in Tipp City.

“When you are on dialysis you have a tendency for your blood pressure to go down. If that happens here, I have technicians out there to jump on it right away,” he said. “I am in good hands -- that is the essence of what I am saying.”

In addition to the dialysis team of nurses and clinicians, Watkins is under the medical supervision of nephrologist Dr. Sayed Ali at the Dialysis Center.  

Watch the "Dialysis Center Focuses on Family Atmosphere for Patients" video or read the transcript.

Watkins, 83, retired from Frigidaire after more than 40 years of service. He is active in his church and the Tipp City senior citizens, is on the city parks committee and follows his grandchildren’s’ participation in sports. He and Ramona have four children, six grandchildren and a great-grandson born this year.

He also drives a Shriners’ transport van, taking children to hospitals in Lexington, Ky., and the burn hospital in Cincinnati.

Other than the inconvenience of having to receive treatment three times a week, dialysis “is not that bad,” Watkins said. As a frequent center visitor, he said it is easy to get to know people by their first names, adding to a more relaxed atmosphere.

“I feel that a lot of it is your attitude. If you tell someone they are going on dialysis they can say, ‘Oh my God,’ go over and curl up in a corner and die,’” Watkins said. “I take the approach that I stay active!”