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Learn More About The ESP/ESP Jr. Programs Video Transcript

Intro:  If you know an athlete looking for improved speed, strength, power, flexibility endurance and self-confidence while decreasing the risk of injury, the Explosive Speed and Power or the Explosive Speed and Power, Jr. sports enhancement programs through UVMC’s Center for Sports Medicine maybe just the ticket.

This six-week program offers measurable results.  On average, participants can bench press 14 more pounds, clip a quarter of a second off of their 40-yard dash, jump two inches higher and broad jump four inches farther.

Alex Baker, Student:  I was in ESP, Jr. in eighth grade. It was a great program; it was my first major year of lifting and it got me started to become a high school lifter.  My sister was in ESP for a long time.  We were actually going to sign up for ESP, but we found out about this ESP, Jr. program and decided that would be the better road to take.

Michelle Baker, Student:  It was before my freshman year in soccer when I started ESP.  Pretty much you just learn how to lift Olympic weights and how to just get better, faster and stronger.  And, it starts out with lifting in the mornings.  We do an hour of lifting which includes, like, Olympic lifts and a whole bunch of different kinds of lifts.  Not just machine lifts, but platform lifts that help you get a lot stronger.

Greg Schultz, PT, DPT, CSCS:  Basically the program focuses on what it’s called; explosive speed and explosive power.  It’s a four day a week program, six weeks in duration, two hours per session.  Kind of what makes our program different from other programs in the area is we have our kids go through a very competitive, very structured program that’s similar to what they would get if they were in a Division 1 college program training with their teammates.  I like that team setting because it helps our kids push each other a little bit. 

Jenny Jones, PT, Sports Medicine Supervisor:  One of the great things too about the Center for Sports Medicine is we are so fortunate to have staff members who have specialty education.  We have three primary physical therapists who work here and two of the therapists have their doctoral degrees in physical therapy and the other therapist will have his completed by 2009.  We have two or three athletic trainers who are Sportsmetrics instructors, which is an ACL prevention program that we do through Cincinnati Sports Medicine and we have several athletic trainers who also have their certified strength and conditioning specialist certification.

Voiceover:  97 percent of participants the last several years have rated the ESP program as very good or excellent in satisfaction surveys.  Comments included:  “I like this program because everything we did served a purpose.”  “The intensity was perfect.”  “I have never experienced Olympic lifting before and it was fun.”  “It helped me get stronger and run faster.”

Michelle Baker:  I think the Olympic lifts really kind of show how strong you are and very explosive and I really, really like the Olympic lifts.  And I just like, I don’t know, I like feeling in shape and I think ESP gets you in the most shape you could ever be in.  I now do lifting at Wright State.  There are some differences, but I would say ESP got me really prepared to be in the weight room and be in the surroundings at the collegiate level. 

Ryan Meyers, Student:  Coach Schultz is one of my favorite coaches here.  He really, really gets us after it in the weight room.  He makes us get through each and every lift properly.

Alex Baker:  I believe it was extremely successful.  1) Because it started me with lifting and I could lift with the other teams and know how to lift and 2) it made me stronger and faster which helped me in my sports.  It gets you started on a way that you should definitely have for high school.

Greg Schulz:  And our ESP program is not only open to Tipp kids, its kids from all over the areas.  So, we get kids from as far north as Versailles and Russia all the way down to Vandalia-Butler and into the Dayton area.  So, it’s open for any kid that’s willing to come in and put the work forth.  What the ESP program does is it gives the athletes that want to be competitive at the next level or they want to be competitive in their specific season coming up, it gives those kids the chance to really give it their all so they can make themselves as good as they can be; as fast as they can be; as strong as they can be.

Voiceover:  Athletes from a dozen area schools as well as collegiate and professional athletes have discovered the benefits of ESP and ESP, Jr.  An all-inclusive program focusing on all aspects of sports performance, a team-oriented environment and measurable results are why athletes are choosing ESP and ESP, Jr. for success on the court and field.

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