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Sports Medicine Services Video Video Transcript

Intro:  The Center for Sports Medicine is located at the Hyatt Center in Tipp City, Ohio.  We’ve been at this location for 20+ years.  We were actually one of the first sports medicine departments offered in the Dayton region and continue to have successful program here.

Greg Schultz, PT, DPT, CSCS:  We see people of all ages, but we do specialize a little bit more in sports medicine.  So, we do tend to see the high school athletes, the younger patients as well.  And what we do in here is we basically bring them in after they’re referred to us from a physician and we try to restore them back to their previous levels of function based on whatever their injuries may be.  Whether it’s post-surgery or just post-injury, whether it’s at work or in sports; and we try to get them back as quickly as we can to their previous levels of function.

Cody Zeller, Sports Medicine Patient:  My name is Cody Zeller and I tore my ACL on November 5 of 2011.  November 25, 2011, I had surgery.  This system has provided me with a measurement and a progressively over time schedule to help make my knee better and stronger. 

Greg Schultz:  What you saw there with Cody was a Cybex test; this is a Cybex machine.  What we do with a Cybex test or what we’re looking to find with that test that you just saw there with Cody, we do that later on with our ACL patients.  It will test both legs and it will test the force output that the patient is able to put out at different speeds.  Then, we can look at that and compare right versus left or the side that just had surgery versus the non-involved side.  It gives us a great idea to allow us to know when we can let them return back to playing sports. 

Cody Zeller:  The best thing was you knew what to expect.  Like, you knew each week you were going to get better; he could give you a time frame as when you should be able to walk normally without crutches, jog, run, jump, sprint, things like that.  It’s mainly my happiness; I know where I’m going to go and where I am compared to where everyone else is.

Jenny Jones, PT, Sports Medicine Supervisor:  One of the benefits of coming here to the Center for Sports Medicine is just the friendliness and the caring personality of our staff.  As well as their exceptional knowledge and skills, they really, truly care about our patients.  And we provide one on one treatment, individualized care; our staff often get to know and experience the lives of our patients.  We have staff that will go to athletic events of their patients just to watch and see them compete and just to make sure they’re doing great.  We have patients who come back year after year, time after time for different injuries and we really just have a family atmosphere here. 

Chris Peters, Sports Medicine Patient, Toronto Blue Jays player:  My name is Chris Peters and I was a graduate of Tippecanoe in 2007.  I went to the University of Cincinnati afterwards and I’m currently playing professional baseball with the Toronto Blue Jays.  I’ve known Coach Schultz and the UVMC Center for Sports Medicine since I was a freshman in high school.  I went in there for a shoulder injury; Coach Schultz was the one that actually helped me out with that.  He got me through that and now, being able to continue my career and now I’m getting ready to go back for spring ball this year with the Blue Jays.  I’m coming in here working on my speed training and trying to get a little speed, agility and better movement laterally in the infield and that kind of thing.

Greg Schultz:  As a strength coach at Tippecanoe High School, I’m the coordinator of our ESP program, or our Explosive Speed and Power program.  It’s a program that we run in June and July.  It’s a seven week program for athletes from all over the area.  What we focus on in the ESP program is a wide variety things, but our main focus is explosive speed and power.  So, I think our program is a little bit unique in that it focuses on all aspects of performance.  We don’t just focus on speed training or over speed treadmill training.  We do a lot of ground based training, so it’s more sport specific.  We feel like it translates a lot better to their performance on the field.  Our numbers show that all of our athletes do very well in this program.  We get a lot of great numbers in terms of averages and we test the kids when they come in, in all aspects of performance and then we test them again at the end of the program.

2011 ESP Biggest Improvements:
Bench Press:  +20 lbs.
40 yard dash:  -0.63 sec.
Vertical jump:  +3.5 in.
Broad jump:  +11 in.
30 second bag jump:  +18 jumps
Lean body mass:  +6.99 lbs.

With this program, I feel it gives our kids, especially our fall athletes, a great advantage because it gets them ready to go right off the bat.  So, when they go to their conditioning days or their prescheduled practices, they’re not just working on their conditioning at that point.  They’re already in great shape, they’re ready to go and that gives them the advantage going into their season.

Mark R. Zunkiewicz, MD:  Sports Medicine and Upper Valley in general, offers the entire package locally.  Really, we have the physicians, the hospitals, the staff, right here in Troy to serve all of our patient needs.  And we also have the trainers, the therapists and the appropriate post operative care so that from the time of injury or the time of presentation all the way up until the return to play, we have everything available right here  I think that’s a very big advantage and it’s something we may not have had a few years ago. 

Jenny Jones:  The continuum of care between our staff is really one of the best advantages that we have here.  Our athletic trainers see the athletes out in the school when they’re injured.  They can communicate directly with our physicians.  The physicians will see the athletes in their office and sometimes out at the schools even.  And if they need therapy, they can send them to us.  In fact, our national average of visits that our patients use is less than the national average and our outcomes exceed the national average.  So, we’re very fortunate to be able to get patients better in less visits.

2011 Physical Therapy Outcomes:
Average Change for Body Movement and Control:
National Average- 13.67
UVMC Center for Sports Medicine- 15.29

Average Change for Lowering Pain:
National Average- 30.50
UVMC Center for Sports Medicine- 38.57

National Average for Therapy Visits- 12.67
UVMC Center for Sports Medicine- 10.68

Mark R. Zunkiewicz, MD:  The favorite part of my job is actually seeing the athlete return to play.  It really is disheartening when they come in with an injury that’s going to prohibit them from doing the things that they like to do, like playing football or wrestling, trying out for baseball or basketball.  When we can immediately figure out what’s wrong, perform an operation or even just send them to therapy without surgery and get them back to the field of play, I like seeing the achievement and the satisfaction, not only in the athlete’s eyes but it also makes me satisfied to see the athletes getting back to what they like to do.

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