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Emergency Medicine with a Personal Touch

ED PatientWhen it comes to medical emergencies, you can trust that you or your loved one will be in the right hands at UVMC today. 

The Emergency Department professionals at Upper Valley are highly credentialed and have access to more advanced technology than ever before.

The ED physicians, while local doctors, are part of a national provider of emergency medicine. They and the highly experienced nursing team have continued to raise the bar in the UVMC ED to assure safe, effective emergency services that patients expect and deserve. From solid relationships with area emergency squads to advanced triage protocols to get patients the care they need more quickly, the dedicated ED team is ready to handle most any emergency need.

And as part of the Premier Health (Premier) network, UVMC has the advantage of direct access to trauma services at other Premier facilities if needed.            

As Dee Mullen, RN,BSH,MHA, director of Emergency Services at UVMC, said, "In an emergency, it is most important to get to the nearest hospital to ensure rapid treatment and stabilization."

“Even if it requires cardiac intervention or a trauma center, we are very efficient at stabilizing the patient and arranging the transfer should it be needed,” said Ivy Thoman, RN,MS,ACNS,CEN, clinical nurse specialist. 

Reducing Wait Times

UVMC works with the area emergency squads to provide education and training and help to squad members maintain and update their certification. This is an important service because many patients arrive via ambulance, and a good working relationship with the various squads’ personnel makes the whole process more efficient for the patient and the ED staff.

ED RNMany people are familiar with the expression “Time is muscle” when discussing a heart attack. The time it takes to open up the blockage and restore blood flow is crucial in saving heart muscle. This should begin at the nearest hospital.

As part of Premier, UVMC has an established working relationship with Miami Valley and Good Samaritan hospitals. Should a patient need to be taken to either of these hospitals, transfer via CareFlight, mobile ICU or other emergency transport can quickly be arranged. 

UVMC also has its own patient transport ambulances stationed at the ED for use as needed.

All the physicians at UVMC’s Emergency Department are Board Certified in emergency medicine, or Board eligible, noted David Cohen, MD, Medical Director of the ED. 

The nursing staff is ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certified. The staff is also PALS (pediatric advanced life support) certified. UVMC has a collaborative agreement with Children’s Medical Center in Dayton to provide clinical expertise in pediatric nursing.  

“We see a lot of pediatric cases. In fact, 17 percent of our patients are children. For pediatric cases that are less severe, we can admit them right here,” said Thoman.  “We have a very good relationship with Children’s in Dayton, and can facilitate emergency transport if a higher level of pediatric care is needed.” 

The ED staff has received HazMat training and is required to complete annual competencies throughout the year. “There is quite a bit of learning going on here all year long,” said Thoman.

As part of Premier Health, UVMC uses Epic, an electronic medical record that is interpreted with ambulatory services, the Emergency Department, inpatient and surgical services. Epic has the functionality to allow patients to review results at home using the My Chart technology. Epic virtually ties together the patient, the provider, and the hospitals with Premier Health with the click of a mouse.

Along with the medical caregivers, licensed therapists are available in the ED 24 hours a day to provide assessment and support to patients experiencing emotional distress.   

In Miami County and the surrounding communities, advanced technology and medical expertise are a given, but it’s the people who define the quality of life, values and priorities. And it’s the people who define the culture at UVMC.

Strengths of the Emergency Department staff are their loyalty to UVMC and their system and the longevity in emergency nursing. This experience brings wisdom, knowledge, confidence, and familiarity of nursing care to patients at UVMC.

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