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Reassuring Caregivers Make a Difference

RobynRobyn Groshek, 32, was just eight weeks pregnant with her second baby. After a routine Pap test, she experienced bleeding. Initially she wasn’t terribly concerned but as it continued and worsened over a couple of days, she became alarmed.

“My sister had had a miscarriage and I was very worried about that,” said Robyn. She phoned her husband at work in Sidney and shared her concern. “He left work and came straight home. We called my doctor who said to get to the emergency department right away.”

Robyn’s father-in-law arrived to baby sit 17-month-old Lucy. The Grosheks checked in at the UVMC Emergency Department, and Robyn recalls waiting less than five minutes.

“They were so calming and friendly. The first thing they did was give me a warm blanket. It was a great experience.”

The physician examined Robyn and determined immediately the baby was fine and it was simply irritation from the Pap test. Robyn said her doctor’s calm, confident demeanor immediately made her and her husband relax.

“I remember her name was Dr. Eaton and my nurse was Deb. They were terrific. I felt like I was their only patient. They never made me feel rushed.” Robyn said a volunteer even walked her husband to where he could get Robyn a cup of ice chips. “Little things like that make UVMC so nice.”

Robyn’s other experience at UVMC was the birth of her first child, Lucy. “With number two due in July there is no question we’d go to UVMC.

Our experience there has been great. It’s a clean, modern hospital that’s close and comfortable. We don’t feel overwhelmed when we’re there.”