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Services and Procedures

Treatment of Injuries and Illnesses

UVMC Occupational Health provides prompt medical care for evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries.


OCC Health WeighPre-placement physicals are a valuable investment in the hiring process and can be used to determine if a prospective employee is physically able to perform the essential functions of the job.  UVMC provides a full spectrum of exams and screenings including return-to-work physicals and fitness-for-duty exams after a prolonged absence. See the Authorization of Examination or Treatment form.

Drug Screening/Testing

Urine and hair sample drug screen collection and testing are done in adherence to SAMSHA regulations.  Drug screening may be done with pre-placement exams, and/or for DOT and non-DOT, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return to work.  Our newest eScreen instant testing for non-DOT, self-insured employers offers results within minutes of a specimen collection.

Educational Programs

OCC Health LabDrug Free Work Place training, CPR, AED, First Aid, Injury Prevention and Wellness are among the programs offered by UVMC Occupational Health.

Specialized Services

  • Case Management
  • On-site Nursing
  • OSHA Required Testing

UVMC Occupational Health offers a cooperative partnership with employers by encouraging direct communication with physicians and staff to assist the employer when questions arise regarding restrictions and/or treatment options. A personal visit to the company work site offers a better understanding of work-related injuries and a better solution-driven answer to ongoing downtime issues. 

Communication plays a role in our drug screen testing as our physicians also serve as the Medical Review Officers for drug screen resulting, making it easier for employers to avoid difficult resulting situations. Better communication and understanding between the UVMC Occupational Health staff and the employer mean minimal loss-time, fewer recurring injuries and lower overall cost to the company.