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Abby's Story

Abby Dowd is an athlete. She played volleyball and basketball for four years at Tippecanoe High School. To prepare, each summer Abby participated in the ESP . . . Explosive Speed and Power program through Upper Valley Medical Center’s Center for Sports Medicine.

It was during her sophomore year, midway through volleyball season, when Abby felt a pull in her knee that just didn’t seem right. It never stopped her from playing but it was always present and feeling uncomfortable. She approached her athletic trainer, who works for UVMC, and shared with her the problem. The trainer suggested she see a specialist. Eventually, Abby saw Dr. Klosterman, an orthopedic surgeon at UVMC, who told her she had torn her meniscus and required surgery.

Her recovery was spent with Greg Schultz, the strength coach at her high school and a physical therapist for the Center for Sports Medicine. Abby spent weeks at the Center for Sports Medicine. “My leg was like Jell-O.” But Greg and the folks at the Center for Sports Medicine worked with Abby and she was back in the game in about five weeks.