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Physical Therapy Concussion Program

Upper Valley Medical Center’s (UVMC) Physical Therapy Concussion Program offers vestibular physical therapy. This specialized therapy uses specific exercises to treat symptoms associated with concussions.

About Concussions

Common symptoms of concussions include impairments in:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Visual perception

Many individuals with concussions require no treatment, other than rest, and can recover within seven to ten days. After an appropriate period of rest, athletes who have had a concussion can work with a certified athletic trainer to proceed through a structured six-step return-to-play protocol.

Some individuals who have suffered severe or multiple concussions may need treatment intervention to help them return to their pre-concussion cognitive and physical abilities.

How Our Program Works

A specially trained vestibular physical therapist performs an in-depth vestibular and neurological physical therapy evaluation. After your evaluation is complete, your therapist designs an individualized home-exercise program for you. Your symptoms are carefully monitored and you advance to more complicated exercises as your condition improves and your symptoms decrease.

Program Goals

Individuals who sustain concussions can greatly benefit from vestibular physical therapy to improve their symptoms. We are committed to helping athletes return to pre-concussion activity and academic levels. We also work closely with certified athletic trainers to assist athletes in safely returning to their sport.

Goals for individuals in this program include:

  • Increased balance
  • Decreased dizziness
  • Controlled pain
  • Improved visual focus
  • Increased coordination
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved concentration

For more information or to schedule a vestibular physical therapy evaluation, please call (937) 440-4840.

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