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Behavioral Health Care

Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC) Behavioral Health Care services provide a cost effective continuum of mental health services. Inpatient Treatment programs are available for children, adolescents and adults. UVMC Behavioral Health Care also offers outpatient services for all ages.

Our Physicians

Cheng Tsing Pan,MD

Dr. Pan, board certified in Psychiatry, received his Medical Degree from Andhra Medical College and completed his residency at Rollman Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Pan has been practicing at UVMC for 19 years.


AtiqRafay Atiq, MD
Dr. Atiq, an adult psychiatrist, received his Medical Degree at Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan.  He completed his psychiatry residency at Wright State University School of Medicine where he served as a Clinical Chief Resident.  As Chief Resident, Dr. Atiq was responsible for the Psychotherapy Clinic attended by patients from the community.  Dr. Atiq has a faculty appointment of Assistant Clinical Professor at Wright State University and has been practicing at UVMC for four years. 


RahmanShakil Rahman, MD
Dr. Rahman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, received his Medical Degree from Grace University School of Medicine, U.K./Nevis and completed his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York in a unique program that offers a combined five-year residency.  Dr. Rahman has been practicing at UVMC for five years.

UVMC Behavioral Health Care Programs

UVMC Behavioral Health Care is one of the most comprehensive providers of behavioral health care services within the greater Dayton area. UVMC’s continuum of Behavioral Health Care has been developed to enable the most effective, fiscally responsible treatment for each individual. The wide scope of services and excellent patient/staff ratios allow the UVMC professionals to carefully tailor programs so that each patient receives the highest quality treatment in the most cost-effective setting. All UVMC Behavioral Health Care programs are supported by the full resources of the UVMC Health Care System.

Quality, cost-effective treatment

All providers are challenged by today's escalating health care costs. UVMC Behavioral Health Care has stood strong to its commitment to provide quality programs for those suffering from mental health problems.

Integral to UVMC’s approach to serving patients is the philosophy of continuity of care. The UVMC Behavioral Health Care continuum—inpatient care and outpatient— allows patients to be served in the least restrictive environment appropriate to their specific needs and allows the patient's changing needs to be served within the same organization. Emphasis on continuity of care, coupled with the dedication to the highest quality services, has established UVMC as a leader in the provision of mental health services.
By continually evaluating services for appropriateness and affordability, UVMC remains responsive to the changing needs of patients, their families, insurers and others concerned with cost-effective, quality care.

Care Management, Caring Plus and Individualized Approach

Among the value-added benefits UVMC provides, is a care management approach throughout all levels of the continuum. This involves complete, accurate assessment; comprehensive utilization review; and thorough outcome evaluation. Programs are designed to provide as much resolution as possible, so that the benefits of treatment will continue long-term. UVMC provides these services in an environment where people treat each other with kindness and respect. The culture at UVMC is centered around “Caring Plus” – UVMC’s commitment to quality, kindness and compassion for patients and co-workers alike.

UVMC Behavioral Health Care Adult Services

UVMC’s continuum of care for adults includes mental health and dual diagnosis services at the inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Intake requires an in-depth assessment to assure the most appropriate level of care and case management is enlisted at all levels.

  • Acute Inpatient. Intensive inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults ages 18 and over is provided with medical monitoring and 24-hour nursing care. This is highly specialized, multidisciplinary and individualized care for adults. The average length of hospital stay ranges from 4 – 7 days. For referral or more information, please call (937) 335-7148 or toll free at 1-800-351-7347.
  • UMVC Behavioral Health Outpatient Services. UVMC Behavioral Health Outpatient Services provides traditional, private, outpatient therapy and medication management.  UVMC Behavioral Health Outpatient Services is contracted with most area insurance companies and Medicare services.  For a private appointment, please call (937) 440-7626.

UVMC Behavioral Health Care Youth Services

As with the adult programs, UVMC’s Behavioral Health continuum of care for youths includes a full range of mental health services with appropriately integrated dual diagnosis services and a strong emphasis on family education and involvement in treatment. Admission requires an in-depth assessment to assure the most appropriate level of care and case management is enlisted at all levels.

  • Youth Inpatient Services. Intensive, inpatient psychiatric treatment for children (ages 5-11) and adolescents (ages 12-17), including medically monitored, 24-hour per day nursing care provided seven days a week. While the length of treatment varies, the average length of stay is 5-7 days. Youth and families are treated by a multidisciplinary team with individualized care and a focus on healthy coping skills. For referral or more information, please call (937) 335-7148 or toll free at 1-800-351-7347.
  • UVMC Behavioral Health Outpatient Services provide outpatient therapy and medication management for children, adolescents and families of the surrounding area. UVMC Behavioral Health Outpatient Services has Board Certified child/adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists who specialize in caring for children and their families.  Many insurance plans are accepted. For a private appointment, please call (937) 440-7626.

Coordinated Follow-up Care

Appropriate follow-up care is essential for all ages of patients to continue progress made during inpatient treatment. Therefore, the treatment team works closely with the patient, family and provider to develop a plan for ongoing follow-up care. Referrals may be made to a community-based resource, a private physician or one of the outpatient services in the UVMC Behavioral Health Care continuum.

Contact UVMC Behavioral Health Care

UVMC Behavioral Health Care
3130 N. County Rd. 25-A
Troy, OH 45373

937) 440-4000 – Request UVMC Behavioral Health Care Intake and Assessment or UVMC Outpatient Services

UVMC Behavioral Health Care is part of the UVMC Health Care System, an integrated, not-for-profit health care provider offering quality, patient-centered inpatient and outpatient acute care services and behavioral programs along with long-term care. In addition, UVMC offers comprehensive rehabilitation services, cancer care, renal dialysis, occupational health, after-hours care, sports medicine, home health services, long term care centers with designated Alzheimer's units and residential living options, community health/fitness programs, and much more.