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Diagnostics and Medical Imaging

Upper Valley Medical Center Diagnostics and Medical Imaging involve the use of technology and medical devices to diagnose illnesses and injuries.

Upper Valley Medical Center’s Diagnostics and Medical Imaging services – which is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week - provides comprehensive, advanced technology and equipment to help physicians diagnose and treat patients more quickly, safely, and effectively.

The Diagnostics, Medical Imaging and Laboratory departments provides comprehensive services:

While backed by a skilled staff and advanced technology, our team of specialists provides a compassionate and exceptional patient experience.  

Medical Imaging

At Upper Valley Medical Center, our specialty-trained radiologists who interpret the images are board-certified, and most are fellowship-trained in specialties including:

Our medical imaging department is fully integrated with medical services available at Upper Valley Medical Center including other Premier Health hospital locations. 

While diagnostic testing and medical imaging tests can be done in an outpatient setting, it is sometimes necessary to be done in an inpatient environment.  Upper Valley Medical Center has facilities that offer daily, around-the-clock testing for emergency and inpatient requests. 

Convenient Locations

These services are available at Upper Valley Medical Center and throughout the community outpatient centers

Imaging Excellence and Professional Care

Our dedicated staff of board-certified radiologists, registered and licensed technologists, registered imaging nurses, and other highly-trained professionals is committed to providing compassionate, quality service using advanced technology. 

Our trained radiologists have clinical skill in general radiology, and some have advanced specialty training through fellowship programs. Our team collaborates with other subspecialties and physicians to ensure that we are providing the most comprehensive and highest-standard of care. 

The registered technologists are certified and work under the supervision of the radiologists. Technologists are licensed medical professionals who perform diagnostic imaging examinations. They are educated in anatomy, patient-positioning techniques, and equipment protocols. 

Imaging nurses are registered and provide patient care in the medical imaging environment.

Content Updated: March 21, 2019

Simplify Your Life With Electronic Medical Record

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UVMC Earns ACR Accreditation

When you see the gold seal of accreditation, you can rest assured that the facility will meet the highest level of patient safety standards and image quality.


Physician Expertise

Many of our radiologists and pathologists are fellowship trained and our technologists are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.


Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology and facilities integrate real-time laboratory results, a unified medical record system, simplified test ordering and improved patient care.

These Upper Valley Medical Center locations offer Diagnostics & Imaging Services.
Diagnostics and Imaging at Hyatt Center
450 N. Hyatt St. Tipp City, OH  45371
Diagnostics and Imaging at Outpatient Care Center North
280 N. Looney Rd. Piqua, OH  45356
Diagnostics and Imaging at Outpatient Care Center South
998 S. Dorset Rd. Troy, OH  45373
Diagnostics and Imaging at Upper Valley Medical Center
3130 N. County Rd. 25A Troy, OH  45373
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